Have you shifted to Environmentally Friendly Laser Printers Yet?

There are many kinds of printer that are out in the market today. It is highly advised that you get an environmentally friendly multifunction laser printer. Did you know that traditional printers use excessive electricity and they also release chemical residue that is harmful to the environment? Another thing about traditional printers is that they often waste more ink or toner.

People should consider using environmentally friendly printers such as Ecotech Print Solutions. This kind of printing machines usage will help lower your electric bill, and it will also limit the carbon footprint.


Eco friendly printer sign

What are governments doing to help the environment?

Many big companies today are using recycled paper to lower the demand for unrecycled paper. This will also reduce the rate of tree cutting in the world. In the past, people do not care about Mother Earth, and they continue to harvest human resources.

Today various government agencies all over the world are making laws and regulation that people should use environmentally friendly products and machinery. They also specified to control irresponsible paper manufacturing. Since paper raw materials come from trees, governments controlled the cutting of trees. Thus, paper manufacturing companies diverted to making recycled paper.

Printing companies are also switching to using environmentally friendly printers because they are concerned about the effect of using traditional printing machines. They are also making efforts to properly dispose of their paper wastes.

The ISO 14001 is a requirement for products to be specified as eco-friendly. Businesses are also required to get requirements from their countries environmental management system. This will ensure that companies follow the policies that are imposed by their respective governments. Complying with these requirements will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Here are some of the benefits of using environmentally friendly printers

    • Eco-friendly printers use less electricity, thus helping you reduce expenses and energy costs.
    • Limit your carbon footprint and reduce pollutants in the air.
    • Compliance with the laws and regulations set by your government.
    • Lessen the production of hazardous wastes that came from your ink cartridges and toners.
    • Lessen the demand for unrecycled and brand new paper.
    • Eco-friendly printers are more economical and they were made to last longer than traditional printers.
    • You can refill the cartridges for most eco-friendly printers.

Remanufactured printer cartridges can lessen land pollution

It is also recommended that offices use remanufactured printer cartridges. Non-recycled toner and ink cartridges cause hazardous effects to the environment. Every year billions of used printer cartridges are being dumped in landfills and these materials release toxic residue and fumes. Probably the best solution is to use remanufactured printer cartridges.

There are toner and ink cartridges that have been recycled, refurbished and refilled. By using these eco-friendly cartridges, the demand for new cartridges will decrease and the waste will also be lessened. Refills are also cheaper compared to buying new ones and you only need smaller amounts of ink for your refills.

There is also the availability of vegetable-based printer cartridges which are all organic. These products somewhat produce better quality prints compared to traditional ink cartridges because of the advancement in technology. These cartridges are also last longer thus saving you money in the process.

Most of the people throw used ink cartridges but they do not realize that an ink cartridge can be refilled and can be used many times. If you do not want to buy new cartridges you can have them refilled or recycled thus helping reduce pollution.

Traditional printing methods are harmful to the environment since old cartridges use heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and cadmium that can leave residual waste that can cause an adverse effect to the environment most especially if used cartridges are thrown in landfills.

Using environmentally friendly printers for commercial use

Statistics show that an equivalent of 48 football field of forest trees are being cut down every minute all around the world and we all know that deforestation can greatly contribute to global warming.

The most carbon footprint production is from commercial businesses and offices. It is highly advised that companies should start using environmentally friendly printers. This will reduce the carbon emissions that are released into the environment. Typically, offices provide lots of opportunities to be environmentally friendly and go ‘Green’.

But before selecting a commercial printer, here are some things that you should consider:

      • How often will you use the printer and how much ink or toner will you be needing?
      • Do you need a printer that has various functions such as scanning?
      • What are you going to use an ink or toner cartridge?
      • Are you going to use coloured ink for your prints?
      • Will you be using various sizes of paper?
      • Are you going to use soy-based or vegetable-based ink for your cartridges?
      • Is the machine that you will be using compatible with recycled and refilled ink cartridges?

Once you’ve gone through these areas to consider, you can now select and purchase the printer that is capable of delivering what you need. Just be sure that you only purchase high-quality printers that are eco-friendly. Purchase your machines from reliable sources and make sure that they are also accepting cartridges for recycling or for refilling.


People all over the world should make an effort to make a difference and print green. Use environmentally friendly printers that have passed quality standards and are certified by environmental agencies. Refill empty ink and toner cartridges as well as vegetable or soy-based ink to lessen pollutants and discharges. Using recycled paper can also decrease consumer waste most especially in offices. You will also be conserving the forest which will help in decreasing global warming.

By doing these small changes, you will make a huge difference and care for Mother Earth.
Always remember that going ‘Green’ will not only be beneficial to the environment but it will also benefit you as well.