Different types of Speakers

The job of a speaker is to produce sound by converting the electrical signal into acoustic energy through the amplifier. Since there are technically lots of ways to achieve this task, speakers come in different designs for types and sizes.

Types based on usage

  • Floor Standing Speakers

    Floorstanding speakers also called as towers is a kind of in-room speakers. It is a large size loudspeaker standing on the floor as the name suggested, probably the one comes to you when talking about a speaker.

  • Bookshelf Speakers

    Similar to floorstanding speakers, bookshelf speakers are loudspeakers with smaller size and requires fewer spaces. Generally, they are designed to fit into a shelf, where its name comes from.

  • In-Wall Speakers

    As its name suggested, this is a kind of speaker built into the wall so no extra space is required. When painting they with the same color of the wall, they even can visually disappear.

  • On-Wall Speakers

    On-wall speakers are believed as a compliment of a television system. It almost occupies the same place as in-wall speakers but much easier to set up than them.

  • Ceiling Mount Speakers

    They can be both in-wall or on-wall speakers. The only difference is they appear overhead. In this way, it usually used for producing surround sound. They are perfect for a large room with little walls or has no space for the above speakers.

  • Outdoor Speakers

    Outdoor speakers are the speakers can stand under outdoor conditions like rough weather condition. Some of them even can be made to look like other natural things to hide in the surrounding environment.