Best Components to Look For In a Home Theatre?

A home theatre is an exciting entertainment option that provides a redefining listening and viewing experience. It allows you to enjoy all the experiences of a movie hall without the hassles that come along with it, like standing in the long line, expensive tickets, expensive food, beverages charges, etc.
But, there is a catch. A home theatre is only as good as its components. To reap its full benefits, you need to combine the right and suitable parts of a perfect home theatre system. One poor purchase decision will drastically reduce your viewing experience and value of your system. Let us go through some important components that you should consider while building or modifying your home theatre system.

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Home theatre room

The room where the home theatre will be set up is one of the most important components of the operation. The position of entry points, window locations, the shape of the room, etc. all play a role in getting your home theatre system together.
You can break the sound barriers in your house by customising your sound system the way you prefer.  For a dramatic cinema experience at home, try some advanced sound system such as Heos Home Theatre System and set it up according to your home architecture.  Consider the positioning of the furniture according to how many people will be present in the room.

TV and Projectors

Choosing between a TV and a projector is ultimately a personal preference. Both are great in terms of a home theatre. But, in the end, some rooms may not be equipped to host a projector, while some can easily be accommodated in one. It is entirely up to you. Below, you can check out both the options and decide for yourself:


1. TV Components

One of the most important components of a good home theatre set is your television set. It all depends on the lighting system of the room where the home theatre system will be installed. For a dimly lit or dark room, an OLED or plasma TV is recommended while for a normally lit room, LED or LCD will work out just fine.
The screen size of the TV will directly reflect on your immersive experience. Hence, you should consider at least a 50-inch screen TV for a great experience. Thanks to modern TV sets, a large screen set won’t occupy much space. That is because the size of the bezel has become thinner in the past few years. Some screen sizes can be compared below:

65 inches-90 inches screen size: It is perfect for media rooms if you totally want to immerse yourself in watching your favourite movies or sports.
50 inches-64 inches screen size: These large screen TVs are perfect for a large living room and provide a great visual impact.
33 inches-49 inches screen size: This is a versatile size that can be fitted in any bedroom or an average-sized living room.
32 inches or smaller screen size: This is a decent size for casual viewing areas like kitchens, dorms, and bedrooms.

The next most important aspect of a TV is the resolution. The higher the resolution, the better the picture quality. The three suitable resolutions for a home theatre system are:

4K Ultra HD (2160p): 4K HD TV sets offer the best resolutions in the market today. The picture quality is four times better than 1080p with a stunning detailed and clear picture. This resolution allows you to immerse yourself in the ultimate viewing experience. You also have the option of up-scaling the definition according to your viewing comfort.
Full HD (1080p): It is the most common resolution available. You can easily watch TV programs and Blue-ray films at the highest detail level. Most videos on YouTube use this resolution.
HD (720p): This resolution provides a decent HD quality for movies and TV shows at affordable prices. It is generally used for small TV sets.


For a larger-than-life gaming, sporting, and cinematic experience, a projector is undoubtedly required. It allows you to magnify the projections by many times without compromising on the quality of the image. For the best performance, you need to choose a projector that has the right amount of lumens (light output).
The brighter the room, the more lumens will be required. Along with a projector, you will also need to buy a high-quality screen that contains materials for optimum reflection. Good reflection maximizes the image brightness.

sound theatre system

Theatre Audio: Sound Bar or Home Theatre in a box

Audio plays an important role as well when it comes to setting up a home theatre room. Investing in good quality speakers allows you and your guests to completely immerse in a game or movie.

1. Sound Bar
A good soundbar system offers a convenient alternative to placing several small speakers all over the room. All you need to do is place a single bar below or in front of your TV set or mount it on the wall. Most sound bars come with separate wireless or wired units for a rich bass sound that can be set up far away and still make a powerful impact. These sound bars can include up to 6-8 separate speakers.
2. Home Theatre in a box
These systems provide you with everything that you need for a great surround-sound audio in a single box. The most common system used all over the world is the 5.1-channel surround sound system. The setup would typically look like:
The left and right speaker on either side of your TV set for special effects and soundtrack.
The centre-channel below or in front of your TV set for on-screen action like dialogues.
Two speakers on the rear for directional and atmospheric sound effects.
The sub-woofer in the corner or off to the side for deep bass effects.
You can also go for a 7.1 surround system, where you get extra side speakers for more surround sound effect. All of these sound systems include either a Blu-ray player or a dedicated A/V receiver. It is up to you if you don’t need any of these two and choose only the speaker system package.

Planning in advance is the best way to achieve your dream of a perfect home theatre system. Determining the room or where to place your speakers may seem like a dry job, but it will make all the difference once you sit back and let the film roll!

Shopping for the Best Speaker Stands

home speaker waiting for speaker stands

Buying the right kind of speaker stands for your costly speaker is absolutely essential to enjoying your music, TV, radio, games and those epic movies in the most heart throbbing way. It not only minimizes the risk of accidental damage but, it also helps in optimally maximizing the performance of the speakers.

Speakers directly placed on the table or a shelf can give you distorted sounds by disturbing the bass frequency, but, placing your speakers on a speaker stand separates it from the floor and gives you seemingly pure bass sound with minimal extraneous vibrations and noise. Thus, speaker stands help in enhancing the overall sound quality, especially when you are facing troubles with the bass effect.

What to look for while purchasing high quality and durable speaker stands?

  • Measurements: Quite obviously, if the stands cannot bear the weight of your speakers, it’s definitely not worth it. While purchasing a stable speaker stand, make sure you check its weight rating, the height of the stand and the size of the bottom plate that can complement your speaker. Speaker stands that cannot bear the weight of the speakers may easily tip off and cause permanent damage to your speakers. Do remember that you must always try to pick a heavy stand. If the stands have a hollow pillar, try to fill it up with sand to add some weight.
  • Design: Speaker stands not only increase the aesthetic value of your room, but, they can also help in improving the sound quality. While rear speaker stands are highly recommended for home theatre setups, on the other hand, surround speaker stands can optimize the sound quality of your entire home entertainment system.
  • Construction: If you are picking up stylish wooden speaker stands, make sure they are made up of genuine hardwood with real veneers. On the other hand, if you are purchasing modern metal speaker stands, then make sure the construction material should be of heavy gauge quality steel. Along with it, look for stands that have grooves to hide wires, has floor spikes to reduce vibration, has adjustable stand height and more. If you have carpeted floors, you must pick a stand that comes with spikes and you may use pads if you have a solid or a hardwood floor.

Top 5 Speaker Stands Suppliers around the globe

Speaker stands have a variety of sizes, styles, finishes, colours and constructions. Most speakers come with deep finishes, metallic finishes or real wood veneers. Here are some of the most popular speaker stands suppliers around the globe to look for:

  • 1. Jd Sound and Lighting

    JD Sound and Lighting is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of professional and audio, lighting equipment and other related accessories. One of the most popular innovations brought to you by JD Sound and Lighting is the Soundking SB309 Speaker Stand with Lift Assistance/ Gas Lift that features a patented clutch design, strong aluminium alloy construction, curveball feet for better stability, easy height adjustment with the help of mark post, scalloped legs for reducing stand’s weight and a spring lift or gas lift for one hand operation.

  • 2. Sanus Speaker Stands

    Sanus is a world famous brand that has been trusted for years for its high quality and durable range of mounts, furniture, racks, speaker stands and other related accessories. It provides five series of speaker stands in its range vis a vis Basic Series, Euro Series, Home Theatre Series, Natural Series, Steel Series and Wireless Series. Our favourite pick from their range is the stylish Wireless Speaker Stands that are exclusively designed for Sonos One Play: 1 and Play: 3. The speaker stand is power packed with features such as vertical and horizontal orientation options, anodized aluminium stand construction, cable hiding with a cord-free look, is compatible for all set up (home theatre, surround sound, stereo pairing), comes with car spikes and rubber pads, has a 3 step assembly and is Safety Certified.

  • 3. Bose Speaker Stands

    When it comes to high-quality music, nothing can match the standards of Bose speakers. However, enhancing the quality of these speakers can greatly depend on how you place it. The UFS 20 Serial II Universal Floor Stand is one of the most popular speaker stands available online which has compatibility with all 2 and 5 speaker home entertainment systems (except Lifestyle 650 system). It has a metal construction with an ergonomic design that optimizes sound levels in the most amazing manner. Also, do not forget to check out Bose Omni Jewel Floor Stand that has some extraordinary modern looks with aluminium and tempered glass bases. It is compatible with Lifestyle 650 home entertainment system.

  • 4. Richer Sounds Speaker Stands

    Enhance the sound quality of your hi-fi system with the award-winning speaker stands from UK’s top speaker stand supplier – Richer Sounds. Richer Sounds have been working for years to give you an extraordinary experience with TV & Projectors, Home Cinema, Wireless Streaming & Multi-room, Headphones & Portable Audio, Speaker and Speaker Stands and more. The Sound Style Z2 is one of the hottest picks from Richer Sounds that is designed to bring to you some mesmerizing and tuneful sounds. It has triple columns to ensure the stable base and possesses features such as column damping to enhance sonic accuracy, top and base spikes for additional support and acoustic friendliness with perfect visual alignment.

  • 5. Audio Affair

    With a decade-long experience in the world of delivering Hi-Fi music, Audio Affair is one of the leading suppliers in the UK that sells superior quality speakers, Hi-Fi, headphones, home cinema, cables, speaker stands and more. Though a bit costly, the Gallo Acoustic’s Anthony Gallo Strada Speaker Stand is known for its sleek yet sturdy design that comes with a sophisticated finished look. The best part is that it comes with a 5-year warranty that supports Anthony Gallo Strada Satellite Speakers.

Speaker stands are a must-have accessory for all bookshelf speakers. Adding to all other benefits of speaker stands, you ought not to forget that such classic speaker stands also increases the aesthetic value of your home besides giving an exotic enigma to your everyday personal musical saga!